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Easy Payments

Chariz Pay provides a platform for developers to quickly set up payments for their software. It provides powerful features that make life easier for both developers and customers.

Chariz Pay is currently in a private beta with a selected group of developers.
If you’re interested in selling via our service, get in touch with details about your products.

  1. Create a Chariz account.
    Your Google account acts as your “password” to log into Chariz.

  2. Confirm your purchase.
    We’ll take you to PayPal, where you can choose the payment method.

  3. Download and enjoy.
    That’s it! We’ll email you directions on how to install the app.

Quick. Easy. Awesome.

We’re building tools to make your life easier. We hope they help you perfect your payment process, work on projects of any size, and share ideas with others.

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